Rice bags

Rice bags
1. Buy bags or sew your own according to one of the descriptions below.
2. Stamp the monogram with a rubber stamp and stamp ink for fabric, for example VersaCraft. Ironing is only required if you if you want the monogram to be washable (see instructions on the stamp ink).


Print the monogram in the right size on iron-on-paper. Cut the monogram as clean as you can if you don't want the iron-on-film to show around the monogram. If you don't mind that you save a lot of time just cutting squares or using a craft punch.


Stamp the monogram on the ribbon you tie around the bag.


Make a label with the monogram. Attach it on the ribbon that you tie around the bag.

Sew you own rice bags

Please cut and sew only one bag first to see if you like the size and shape. The measures are easy to adjust!

Alternative 1

1. Cut a piece of fabric in about 9 x 25 cm. (About 3,5 x 9,8 inches).
2. Hem the short sides. Hem the short sides
3. Zigzag the long sides if you want to. (Not really necessary if you're only going to use them once.)
4. Fold and sew the sides together. Fold the sides

Sew the sides together
5. Fill the bag with rice and tie the bag shut with a pretty ribbon.

Alternative 2

1. Choose a fabric you don't need to hem, for example lace or organza.
2. Cut a 30 x 30 cm square. (About 12 x 12 inches.)
3. Put rice in the middle and gather the corners.
4. Tie the bag together with a ribbon. If you want to stamp your monogram on the ribbon you do that before you tie the ribbon on the bag.
5. Attach a label on the ribbon if you want to.